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Greeting Cards by Mindsights Mediaworks

Each box of greeting cards contains sixteen (16) cards and sixteen (16) pastel envelopes, each color selected to complement the primary color of the individual card.  The images that appear of the front of these cards are original photographs or experimental imagery created using Adobe Photoshop.  All cards have a brief blirp about the image's original on the back.  The inside of the cards are either blank, contain a very faint echo of the front artwork (in black and white) or an appropriate holiday message (for some of the Holiday Greeting Cards)—and there's plenty of space for you to provide your own message.  All of these cards are in stock and are also available as boxes containing an assorted set of sixteen (16) cards or sixteen (16) copies of any one card (16) and their matching envelopes.
The cost of one box of sixteen (16) cards is $24.95.  For orders of one to five boxes, please add $4.60 for shipping.  For orders of six to ten boxes, please add $9.20 for shipping.  Please make certain to include your name, address, and e–mail address (or telephone number) should I need to contact you with regard to your order.
Until such time as arrangements are made to be able to except e–checks through PayPal, you may order Mindsights Mediaworks Products using a check or money order.  For information on where to send your check and to whom the check should be made, please contact me via e–mail at mindsights@mindspring.com.
Thank you for your order!

Greeting Cards

Cat. No. Card Name Message Box of 16
P101 "German Architecture" Blank $24.95
B116 "Stained Glass" Blank $24.95
A111 "Path at Kalalau" Blank $24.95
A108 "Slanted Squares" Blank $24.95
A121 "Pipe Dreams" Blank $24.95
A109 "The Spirallings" Blank $24.95
P103 "Rusty Pier" Blank $24.95
A123 "Glass Stairwell" Blank $24.95
P127 "Cocktails by the Cattails" Blank $24.95
A106 "Technicolor Guitar" Blank $24.95
505A "Mountain Village" Blank $24.95
A122 "Little Lost Earring" Blank $24.95
503A "Curious Crowd" Blank $24.95
502A "Certain Curtain" Blank $24.95
504A "Blue Balconies" Blank $24.95
601A "Amalfi Art" Blank $24.95
602A "Pillars Of Heaven" Blank $24.95
603A "Window Garden" Blank $24.95
604A "Window Flowers" Blank $24.95
605A "Lazy Daisy" Blank $24.95
606A "Bug On A Leaf" Blank $24.95
  Assorted Set One of each of the above cards $24.95

Holiday Greeting Cards

Cat. No. Card Name Message Box of 16
C007 "Holly Leaves" "celebrate the gifts of the seasons!"
V128 "Happy Hearts" Blank (Valentine's Day) $24.95
C008 "Gifts of Light" "may the gifts of love and light fill
your holiday season!" (Christmas)
B231 "Birthday Cakes" "happy happy birthday" (Birthday) $24.95
C009 "Presents" "may the gift of His presence fill your holiday season!" (Christmas) $24.95
500A "Counting Candles" "Don't count the candles!  Just have a Happy Birthday!" (Birthday) $24.95
P234 "Morning Flowers" "in need of a bouguet?" (Sympathy) $24.95
C2010 "Be Joyful!" "be joyful and triumphant!" (Christmas) $24.95
P233 "Cheering Section" "one cheering section, comin' up!"
(Get Well)
P125 "Autumn Fest" "wishing you the happiest
of thanksgivings!" (Thanksgiving)
607A "Winter Rose" Blank (Winter Day) $24.95
C2011 "Prayer Candles" "may all of your prayers for this holiday season and the new year come true" $24.95
609A "Great Pumpkins" Blank (Halloween) $24.95
610A "Baby Toes" Blank (New Arrival) $24.95
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