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Art Testimonials

2011 Calendar   "A much belated thank you for the lovely calendar you enriched my home with.  I would like to order a box of your greeting cards (one of each)—you really have a wonderful eye.  I have an elderly relative that I send regular notes to and your cards are perfect to brighten her day!" (Carole)

"Thanks so much for the wonderful calendar!  It�s really a nicely composed piece!" (Joe)

"What a lovely calendar!  Thank you!  I am very grateful to have a copy of your art!" (Anne)

"Thank you so very much for the absolutely beautiful and creative calendar—you have wonderful talent!  I have taken it home and have hung it in a very prominent place." (Irene)

"Thank you sooo much for the calendar.  You did a beautiful job.  I especially like the 'abouts.'  Well done!  Keep working at your art!" (Debbie)

"Your donation of cards was very popular and raised a nice sum for the library!" (Mimi)

"OH, MY GOODNESS—the cards are GORGEOUS—
I forgot how it was to have a whole new stack of them!  I absolutely LOVE the three new ones, too—'Little Lost Earring,' 'Cheering Section,' and 'Counting Candles.'
Those will go in a heartbeat!  Now I'll have cards to
send as THANK YOUS!" (Suzi)

"My wife sends her thanks for the lovely cards!" (Fred)

"Many thanks.  I do love all your cards!  They ARE real works of art that just put a smile on your face while brightening a dreary day!  Much appreciated!"

  Curious Crowd
Glass Stairwell   "Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL calendar!  It is now hanging in our kitchen!" (Karl)

"Thank you so much for the lovely calendar!
It is a great gift!" (Robert)

"What a thoughtful and creative gift!  You are so talented and I am so glad you run with it.  Far too many people ignore the thirst for 'what if' in the unknown and never take the risks to grow." (Eric)

"What a surprise and a very kind gesture!  Thank you so much for the beautiful gift cards and the CD.  My mother-in-law was the first to receive a card and I listened to the your CD on my way to work.  Honestly—I was very relaxed when I arrived—prepared for new day!" (Trine)

"Thank you for your greeting card.  I love the colors!" (Kim)

"Thanks so much for the 'Happy Hearts' birthday cards!  I just love them!  They make me smile and think happy thoughts!" (Chris)

"Your lovely note arrived last week with the bouquet on the cover.  I kept it on the kitchen counter because the flowers were just too beautiful to put into my basket of notes." (Ann)

  Morning Flowers
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