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Front Cover   Several years ago, a dear friend of mine suggested that I develop a series of greeting cards—which, of course, I did.  Since then, I have created poster-sized versions of some of the cards, produced a series of designs for compact discs, and completed four subsequent printings of the greeting cards—all of which are displayed on this Web site.

It seemed to me that the next step in my artistic journey should be the assemblage of a calendar, as it is a great way to share both old favorites and new pieces.

Those of you familiar with my greeting cards will certainly recognize some of the images.  Click on any image below to view an enlarged version of the art work displayed in the indicated month and a blirp about the print's origin.  Do enjoy!

There are a limited number of these 2011 Calendars available.  Should you be interested in acquiring a copy, please contact me at mindsights@mindspring.com.
The Spiral Lane

January 2011

Mountain Village

April 2011

Colorado Flowers

July 2011

Rusty Piers

October 2011

  Happy Hearts

February 2011

Morning Flowers

May 2011

Dune Fence

August 2011

Cattails by the Cattails

November 2011

  German Architecture

March 2011

The Spirallings

June 2011

Golden Afternoon

September 2011

Gift of Light

December 2011

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