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Instruments and Equipment
Every once in a blue moon someone will ask me about what guitars I have or what software I use to record.  What appears below is a list that I compiled some time ago for some reason or another.  May it answer whatever questions you might have!

Click on any underlined instrument name to view an enlarged image.
Guitar, six string, acoustic-electric, Nagoya
Guitar, six string, acoustic-electric, Ovation Celebrity (*)
Guitar, six string, acoustic-electric, Yamaha APX6A (**)
Guitar, 12 string, acoustic-electric, Yamaha APX12A
Guitar, six string electric, Gibson Les Paul Studio
Guitar, six string, classical, Rodriguez
Guitar, bass, Fender Precision
Guitar, bass, Washburn XB–900

(*)  I often use this guitar for performing live.
(**) I use this guitar for recording most of the time.

Other Stringed Instruments
Harp, 26 string, Dusty Strings FH26 (with pick-up)
Hammered dulcimer, 31 string, Dusty Strings D45
Zither, 16 string, Master Works Model No. MWZ16

Alesis QS61
Alesis QS71
Mini Moog Voyager

Guitar Amplifiers
Fender Twin Reverb (w/ blackface circuitry)
Peavey Classic 30 (for electric guitars)
Loudbox Artist AC (for acoustic guitars)
Ampeg (for bass guitars)

Effect Goodies
Effects board and various effects pedals

Miscellaneous Sound Management Equipment (for the studio)
Microphone, dynamic, Neumann TLM103 (for recording)
Microphone, dynamic, Shure SM7B (for recording)
Microphone, dynamic, Shure SM57 (for recording)
Microphones (2), dynamic, Shure SM58 (for live sound)
Mixing board, 12-channel, Mackie CFX12
NanoVerb, Alesis
Amplifier, two-channel, QSC RMX1450
Floor monitors (two), Ross Systems

Recording Hardware and Software
Computer, Dell Inspiron (Windows 8.1, 64 bit)
Digital Interface, Lexicon Omega
Calkwalk, SONAR X3 (Producer's Versions)
Studio monitors (two), Tannoy Reveal 6A
Studio monitors (three), KRK Rokit6 with subwoofer

Tambourines (2)
Hand drums (2)
Rain Stick

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