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Three Little Words (released on August 09, 2021)

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Some of you might wonder why this collection of original songs by Jonathan Reeve is posted on my Web site.  Good question!  And the answer is ... because I recorded, mixed, and produced this CD.  Jon is no longer with us, but I believe his music is worth a listen!  He was a stellar musician ... guitars, bass, and drums ... and he could sing!

To listen to any of the songs in this collection, click on the song titles below.  If you like what you hear, click here to purchase a hard copy of the CD or MP3 versions of the individual songs.

You can also click here to listen to "Three Little Words" on his HearNow Web page.

And you can also click here to view photos of Jon doing what he loved to do best!

Do enjoy!  And thanks for listening!
1.   Safekeeping
("I know you have what is mine")
2.   Little Words
("What I want to say is what I want to hear ...")
3.   I Wait To Kiss And Tell
("It's been a long, long road ...")
4.   Truth Comes Out
("Mix us up, what do you see?")
5.   Let's Pretend
("I'm not so new at this ...")
6.   Even Up
("Hey, little lady, got a heart for you")
7.   Cowboy
("Love pulled me down in a one-horse town")
8.   Just Like You
("She's wearin' a smile just like you")
9.   You And Me
("Love is us together, love is you and me")
10.   Love Is
("Is it enough to say love is love")
11.   Rockin' Chair
("I really want to sit in that rocker with you")
12.   Easier Done Than Said
("That's when I give myself away")
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