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Favorites Collection—Set One
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Below are links to some of my favorite songs.  Do enjoy!
01. Flight of the Moorglade (Jon Anderson)
To The Runner (Jon Anderson)
  From “Olias of Sunhillow”
Copyright © 1976 Atlantic Recording Corporation
02. Deborah (Jon Anderson and Vangelis)
Polonaise (Jon Anderson and Vangelis)
  From “Private Collection”
Copyright © 1983 Spheric B.V./Warner Bros. Music
03. Turn of the Century (YES)
Wondrous Stories (YES)
  From “Going for the One”
Copyright © 1977 Atlantic Recording Corporation
04. Hide In Your Shell (Supertramp)
  From “Crime of the Century”
Copyright © 1974 A&M Records, Inc.
05. Give A Little Bit (Supertramp)
  From “Even In The Quietest Moments”
Copyright © 1977 A&M Records, Inc.
06. Lord Is It Mine (Supertramp)
  From “Breakfast In America”
Copyright © 1979 A&M Records, Inc.
07. Stephanie (Buckingham Nicks)
  From “Buckingham Nicks”
Copyright © 1973 Anthem Record Corporation
08. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
  From “Fleetwood Mac”
Copyright © 1975 Warner Brothers Records, Inc.
09. If I Could Be Where You Are (Enya)
  From “Amarantine”
Copyright © 2005 Warner Music UK Ltd.


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