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Laura's Lullaby

Click here to listen to the Version 03 of Laura's Lullaby (2010).
(Thanks to my friend, Kara, for the percussion parts.)
Click here to listen to Version 02 of Laura's Lullaby (2004).
(Recorded at The Bodhi Tree House.)
Click here to listen to an alternate version (Version 01b) of Laura's Lullaby (2000).
Click here to listen to the introduction to the Version 01b of Laura's Lullaby (2000).
Laura never slept well during the first eight months of her life.  Given that she was born in April, summer soon came and allowed for late evening "pushes" in the stroller.  Up and back along the sidewalk that was in front of the townhouse.  Whatever sleep came from the fresh air and the lull of the crickets was soon lost by the relocation from the stroller to her crib upstairs.  Many evenings I found myself in the rocking chair that was in her bedroom—with Laura on my shoulder.
I remember thinking about all sorts of things while I rocked back and forth.  Sometimes poems would come to me, sometimes stories.  On one particular evening, the Music Muse came to me and gave me the idea for Laura's Lullaby.
The song was originally written on piano, then transposed to the guitar—or was it the other way around?  Oh, well—it doesn't matter.  The point is that it is difficult for me to play all the way through the song without making a mistake—lots of chords, dontcha you know!
When I first recorded the song, I used a synthesizer in lieu of a piano.  I got the first part right—but for some reason I stopped playing after 45 seconds or so.  And then, out of nowhere, I started playing something completely different (Version 01b).  Then I went back and played a second synthesizer part over the first—then a third—and then a fourth (a "synth" harp, I believe).
Version 02 was the first time the song started to sound as how I originally envisioned it.  With the acquisition of digital recording software and using MIDI technology, Version 03 sounds even better.  There is a different twist in the middle—which I like—and percussion parts have been added—which I also like.
I am so very grateful that I savored each and every second of my time with my young daughters—even the sleepless nights!


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