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USS Enterprise (CVN–65) Inactivation Ceremony
(December 01, 2012)

I made a pilgrimage to Norfolk, VA at the end of November 2012 to honor my Dad.  For those of you who donít know, my Dad served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN–65) from August 1967 until August 1969.  After over fifty years of service, the ship was deactivated.  I was honored to be sitting in the front row (middle section) during the ceremony—and to be sitting next to my Dadís boss (in the shipboard dental clinic) and only several rows away from the other dentist who served with my Dad.  I know my Dad would have been been thrilled to know I was there!  The inactivation ceremony can be viewed on the US Navy Web Site—


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First view of the USS Enterprise >Empty chairs after the ceremony
The Big 'E' The new island
Proud Number Sixty-Five The new island
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My Dad's fellow dentists Anchors Away!
All ashore!
The final disembarking
The Wall Of Honor
The Wall Of Honor


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