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Why Mindsights?
The first and perhaps most obvious reason is that I wish to create a repository of all my artist endeavors over the years—a place where my songs, my art, my poetry, and my stories might live on should anything ever happen to me.  Or, God forbid, should anything ever happen to my home or belongings, I will have not lost the fruits of my labor.
Why Mindsights?
All of my skills and talents—the ability to create music, make art, and arrange words—are gifts that I received from my parents and grandparents.  This Web site is my means of thanking them and honoring them.
Why Mindsights?
While I have been blessed in so many ways in my life, nothing compares to the gifts of my two daughters, Laura and Carolyn.  My only regret is that they are not part of my life at this time.  It is unfortunate that I cannot share the joy of creativity with them—to be able to share my creations with them—and to be able to experience the pride they most certainly feel from their creations.  It is my hope that someday, somehow, they might stumble across this Web site and learn what kind of a person I am—my loves, my passions, and my dreams.  God willing, the number of days until that happens is far fewer than the number of days since we parted.
Oh, yes—and thank you God!


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