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Seven Sides Of Self—Stories

Seven Sides Of Self
       Cover design by Tabitha Lahr
  It all came to me in a flash.  I had just spent the morning exploring my favorite art museum.  My mind was full of ideas for new art pieces and projects.  I then made the short drive to the nearby artisan village.  After visiting several shops, I found myself hungry and walked over to a little sundry shop called "simplyummy."  I placed my order and prepared myself for a wait of a dozen minutes.

Without warning, the idea for this collection of stories came to me.  By the time my sandwich and salad arrived, I had sketched out the general structure for the book on a paper napkin.  As I stepped back out into the hot, humid Southern afternoon after finishing lunch, I carried with me the seeds for "Seven Sides of Self" firmly registered in my mind.

Oh, yes—and I had a beaming smile on my face!  The Muses had chosen to bless me once again with their spark and inspiration.  GOD bless them! (July 28, 2010)

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The seven short stories in this collection will be as follows—do enjoy!

1.  There Once Was A Man ...

2.  The Ledge

3.  Microwave Man

4.  An Intricate Balance

5.  Of The Green And Of The Gold

6.  Journey To Pradix

7.  Old Mims

This collection was released for sale on November 05, 2019.  Finally!

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