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Faraway and Forever—More Stories

Faraway and Forever
       Cover design by Tabitha Lahr
  Can an extraterrestrial intelligence use our own biology against us?  Can one wish for a mate to avoid the rigors of dating?  And can a book written by a future savior spark a new religion?  Each story takes the reader further into the future and farther out into the cosmos.

This collection of novelettes takes the reader from the not-to-distant future to a time when travel between worlds is a common occurrence.  Each stop along mankind’s journey outward to the stars is accompanied by a deeper look inward.  The stories examine how extraterrestrial beings might use our own biology against us, to questions about the after life, to how wishes are really granted, and finally to an interstellar religious thriller and a second coming of Christ.  Original and thought provoking, these are stories that will stimulate the intellect and engage the imagination.

This collection of stories was released for sale on July 18, 2023 (She Writes Press).

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1.  Once Upon A Helix
     (The Firmament and The Filament—A Story About Fate)

2.  The Goldfire Project
     (Forever and its Finale—A Story About Immortaility)

3.  Half The Sky
     (The Friend and The Father—A Story About Finding)

4.  The Wishbringer
     (The Farmer and The Fantasy—A Story About Wishes)

5.  The Last Sunday Of Summer
     (The Faithful and Their Forfeit—A Story About Sacrifice)

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