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The Oaks Of Mamre—Introduction

This tale starts in the years after sub-light travel became possible and after the development of metabolic suspension technology (MST).  The main character of the story—a stellar explorer named Morgan Christian Thayer—awakens after a thirty-year trip to Lalande 21185 in his two-person ship only to find that his wife had become chronically ill upon her awakening—and dies within the span of several weeks.  Thayer completes his two-year mission—alone—and after the return thirty-year trip to Earth sets out to find out why his wife died—and why the Stellar Corps head scientist and developer of MST refused to give up his wife’s body to him for a proper burial.  His quest to find answers only uncovers more questions—questions about what MST was really being used for—and takes him and his companions on an adventure that spans several life times and out to the stars and back.

The title—“The Oaks of Mamre”—is biblical in origin.  It is the burial site for many of the long-lived individuals in the days of Abraham and Isaac.  And this is where the main antagonist of my story gets the idea and the building blocks for what eventually gives birth to suspended animation technology—or MST.

The Ledge   What follows are links to the various parts of the story.  Please consider all of this material to be rough drafts.  As of this writing, some chapters are more developed than others—some characters are more developed than others.  Unfortunately, I have had to set aside this project over the last few years due to multitude of family issues and demands on my time.  I am hoping to continue work on it over the next few months.  I will periodically post updated versions of the story as my work progresses.  Feel free to pay a visit.

Click on a section title to read.  Do enjoy!

Table of Contents

Preface (containing relevant Biblical verses from Genesis)

The First Return” (Chapters 01–17)

The Second Return” (Chapters 18–29)

The Third Return” (Chapters 30–36)



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