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I always wanted to paint.  I watched my aunt create amazingly vistas using only a brush, canvas, and paints—and I wanted to do the same!  When the local school system offered an evening class for beginners, I signed up!  Given that the school where the class was taught was between work and my parents' home, I started a tradition of having dinner with my folks every Thursday evening before class.  It gave us all something to look forward to!
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Blue Views Green Pod
Blue Views (2006) Green Pod (2006)
The Spiral Lane—One The Spiral Lane—Two
The Spiral Lane—One (1998) The Spiral Lane—Two (2007)
Bridges—One Bridges—Two
Bridges—One (2006) Bridges—Two (2006)
Waterfalls Watchtowers
Waterfalls (2004) Watchtowers (2004)
The Village
The Village (2004)
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