Out And About (Favorite YouTube Videos)
•   Al Pettyway and Amy White
•   Roger Hodgson
•   Pomplamoose
•   Jack Conte (of Pomplamoose)
•   Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
•   Dougie MacLean
•   Christine Kane
•   Paul Thorn
•   Ronnie Day
•   Unusual Instruments
•   Perpetuum Jazzile
•   Mike Oldfield
•   Tobias Volkamer
•   Atomic Tom
•   Kevin Gilbert and Giraffe
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  Mike Oldfield

The vocals are produced using ZeroG Vocaloid software.  Check this out!

    "Surfing" by Mike Oldfield

My New Other Favorite Guitarist—Tobias Volkamer

My new other favorite guitarist is Tobias Volkamer.  Check this out!

    "Tommy Emmanuel—Papa George (with Mama George)" by Tobias Volkamer

Atomic Tom

One of my favorite music videos is by a band called "Atomic Tom"—performing live on the New York subway—
on cell phones!  Check this out!

    "Take Me Out" by Atomic Tom

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Do enjoy!!  More favorite things coming soon!


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